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Seventh Cohort 2014 - 2016

Lara Dahora

Hometown: Athens, GA

Undergrad & Major: University of Georgia, BS, Psychology

Lab Name & Department: Rotations, Translational Biology, Medicine and Health

IMSD Mentor: Dr. Belena Cassera

Current Status: Doctoral Student/Graduate Research Assistant at Virginia Tech

Benjamin Okyere

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

Undergrad & Major: Virginia Tech, BS Biology, MS Biomedical and Pathobiological Science

Lab Name & Department: Michelle Theus Lab, Biomedical & Veterinary Sciences

IMSD Mentor: Dr. Michelle Theus

Current Status: CNS Research Scientist at Spark Therapeutics, Inc.

Ashley Peralta

Hometown: Bath, Maine

Undergrad Major: Hampton University, BS Biochemistry

Lab Name & Department: Webster Santos Lab

IMSD MentorDr. Webster Santos

Current Status:  Postdoctoral Researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Alise DeBruce

Hometown: Fort Wayne, In

Undergrad & Major: Indiana University Bloomington, BS, Psychology 

Lab Name & Department: Dr. Cynthia Smith Lab, Psychology

IMSD Mentor: Dr. Cynthia Smith

Kisha Gresham

Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA

Undergrad & Major: Virginia Tech, BS Biochemistry

Lab Name & Department: Theus Lab, Transitional Biology, Medicine, and Health

IMSD Mentor: Dr. Michelle Theus

Current Status: Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health student at Virginia Tech

Kristina Jiles

Undergrad & Major: Elizabeth City State University, BS, Hampton University, MS

Lab Name & Department: Jennie Hill Lab, Human Nutrition Food and Exercise

IMSD Mentor: Dr. Jennie Hill

Current Status: Doctoral student in Behavioral & Community Science at Virginia Tech's Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise

Ariel Leon

Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Undergrad & Major: Barnard College, B.A.

Lab Name & Department: Dana Hawley’s Lab, Biological Sciences

IMSD Mentor: Dana hawley

Current Position: Doctoral Student, Virginia Tech College of Science

Mynor Medrano

Hometown: El Monte, CA

Undergrad & Major: University of California, Santa Barbara, BS Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Lab Name & Department: Pablo Sobarado Lab, Biochemistry

IMSD Mentor: Dr. Pablo Sobarado

Current Status: Graduate Student at Fralin Life Science Institute, Virginia Tech

Ashley Peralta

HOMETOWN: Bath, Maine

UNDERGRAD & MAJOR: Hampton University, BS Biochemistry

LAB NAME & DEPARTMENT: Webster Santos Lab


CURRENT POSITION: Virginia Tech, Ph.D. Candidate in Chemistry, Webster Santos Lab