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Scientific Journeys

Scientific Journeys is a video resource for aspiring scientists everywhere. Accomplished scientists reflect on their journey in science. Please share and enjoy!  

Dr. Frank Crisione

Dr. Crisione shares his VT-IMSD experience in this brief interview.

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Dr. Werner Bergen

Renowned scientist, Dr. Werner Bergen, shares perspectives from his life in academia and research.

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Dr. Martha Munoz

Dr. Martha Muñoz (Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech) A new faculty in the Biological Sciences Department reflected in her journey from the 'Bronx" to "New Yorkian" to Harvard and now a tenure faculty with us at VT. She encouraged trainees to consider international research and how this opportunities helped her to determine her research interests. She consulted trainees to be mindful of collages who are bringing drama to them and seek comfort in a community and relatives while like she did at a challenging period of her journey.

Dr. Veronica Segarra

Veronica Segarra, Ph. D (Assistant Professor, High Point University)talked with us about how creativity, curiosity, and persistence helped her to complete her PhD and remain focused on her position as a PI at a predominately undergraduate institution (PUI). She advised IMSD/PREP/Carver scholars to "keep perspective of the big picture and be your own cheerleader" in order to recover from failures and continue on their journeys.

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Dr. Chad Dechow

Dr. Chad Dechow (Associate Professor, Penn State Univerisity). In this scientific journey video, he shares his passion for cattle and his journey to professorship at Penn State University. 

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