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Genetics, Genomics, GBCB and related disciplines


Behavioral Science


Molecular and Cell Biology, Biotechnology Biochemistry, Molecular & Biochemical Nutrition, Physiology, TBMH

The Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology program is one of the oldest interdisciplinary programs on the VirginiaTech campus. The MCB program is for students interested in the bridge between cell biology and physiology and functional genomics.


Find more mentors in Biological Sciences, TBMH, Entomology, and Biochemistry.


Microbial Sciences

The faculty in the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine, Science, and Agriculture and Life Sciences have internationally recognized microbial research programs in the areas of molecular genetics, vector biology, pathogenesis, replication, vaccine, diagnostic and drug developments involving bacteria, viruses and parasites.




Biomedical Engineering








Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise