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Thirteen Scholars

Thirteen Scholars 

Jasmine Lewis

Jasmine Lewis

Department: Psychology 

Lab MentorsDrs. Rosanna Breaux, Bruce Friedman, Christina McDonnell

Undergrad: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Masters: Liberty University 

Fun Fact: I love DIY projects and crafting.

Suzanne Pinar

Suzanne Pinar

Department: Entomology

Lab MentorDr. Roger Schürch

Undergrad: San Francisco State University

Fun Fact: My favorite flavor of ice cream is armaretto.

Tiffany Roach

Department: Biological Scienes 

Lab Mentor: Dr. Daniel Capelluto

Undergrad: Bob Jones University 

Current Status: PhD Candidate (Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech)

Fun Fact: I love wombats; one of my bucket list items is to hold a wombat. 

Aileen Suarez

Aileen Suarez

Department: Biomedical Engineering

Lab MentorsDrs. Raffaella De Vita and Jennifer Munson

Undergrad: Georgia Institute of Technology 

Current Status: Graduate Research Assistant at Virginia Tech

Fun Fact: I used to compete in belly dancing competitions.