Dr. Jessica Wynn

Dr. Jessica Wynn, VT alum from Dr. Webster Santos' Lab, and Senior Scientist at Merck gave a virtual presentation titled "Method Development to Regulatory Strategy: The Interdisciplinary Nature of a Pharmaceutical Career in Analytical Development and Commercialization." In her presentation, Dr. Wynn discussed the pro and cons of working in the industry. Pros included: more money, real-world, tangible results, and more flexibility in work locations. Cons included: more rigid work schedule and a year-round schedule. She also encouraged everyone to make sure their priorities align with a job and to "stay true to yourself." 

IMSD Presentations

IMSD students Gabrielle Smith (GBCB, Cassidy Rist), Jefferson Salan (Psychology, Rachel Diana), and Demisha Porter (TBMH, Paul Morton) gave an update on their research. Additionally, they reminded students that you never know what is going to happen, so it's important to "go with the flow" and be flexible to reach your goals. They also addressed imposter syndrome and encouraged students to remind themselves that they belong in the program.