Message from the directors

PREP and IMSD, with almost 30 trainees, form one of the largest graduate programs at VT. Our modest undergrad program, also continues to be a major model for research apprenticeship at the University.

To support current and incoming trainees, we have a unique "Moving in" process that includes a "3-day Boot Camp,"  the Mentoring 101 Workshop, and our annual Orientation.  For the 13 new trainees, these activities provided opportunities for a less challenging transition to a "new place."

We are grateful to so many, including Carver Alum Ms. Shavonn Whiten, IMSD alum Alex Teodor, and Dr. Margie Lee, VT alum and Head of the BMVS department, for making the “Moving In Process” for the 13 new PREP and IMSD trainees a success. As the “Moving through” process starts, we are looking forward to attending SACNAS and ABRCMS as both give our trainees unique opportunities. 

In other news,  PREP renewal was highlighted in the VT news. PREP and IMSD alum and our friends had career and life changing events  and awesome successes including PhD completions and awards. We are excited about the alumni returning as part of "Seminar Series".