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Current Scholars

Current VT-IMSD Scholars, VT IMSD 14 

Mychala Snead: BS, Stevenson University, Biology, MS, GWU 

Lab RotationDrs. Ann StevensDavid Popham, and Lisa Belden                                                                                                     

Current LabDr. Lisa Belden                                                         

Aspiration in pursuing a PhD: My aspirations for pursuing a PhD are for my future career goal to become a Director of Laboratory Operations. I am passionate about high functioning research and microbiology labs. I know that my drive for cooperation, organization, planning, and development will make me an effective leader within management.                                 

Fun Fact: I taught my dog to smile when she was a puppy. Now she smiles all the time, even when she's at the vet!           

Hobbies: cat fostering, crafting, and trying new foods

Asia Dofat: BS, Psychology, St. Mary's, Psych: SON             

Rotation LabsDrs. Matt HoweGeorgia HodesTim Jarome   

Current LabMatt Howe                                                               

Aspiration in pursuing a PhD: Publish a lot of papers to help understand more about sex differences in the reward system 

Hobbies: Art, Playing piano, Martial arts

Jeffery Anderson: BS, BIOL, University MD Eastern Shore, MS, Life Sci, Emporia Sate                                                                   

Rotation LabsDrs. Jake SochaMichelle Stocker, and Ignacio Moore                                                                                                       

Current LabDr. Socha and Ignacio Moore Lab (Co-advised)   

Aspiration in pursuing a PhD: Starting a lab on reptile feeding mechanics                                                                                 

Fun Fact/experience: I am going to Brunei this summer for field research flying on flying snakes                                             

Hobbies: Anime, comic books, and vinyl record

Anyelina Mangru: BS, FL Intl, Agriculture and Life Science: TPS 

Rotation LabsDrs. Boris VinatzerBrian Badgley (Environmental Microbiology), and David Haak (Epigenomics)

Lab SelectioinDr. Brian Badgley's lab

Aspiration in pursuing a PhD: My aspirations in pursuing this PhD is to eventually become a principal investigator and remain in the field of environmental science, plant and/or agricultural sciences whether through agency work or industry. 

Hobbies: Watching soccer, baking or attempting to craft things in my free time. 

Fun Fact: is that a lot of my friends call me Mango because of my last name (Mangru)

Julio Arroyo: BS, Biomedical engineering, Texas A & M, SBES

Rotation LabsDr. Rafael Davalos (BioElectroMechanical Systems Lab) and Dr. Jenny Munson (The Munson Lab)

Lab Selection: Selected to be primarily advised by Dr. Davalos in the  BioElectroMechanical Systems Lab

Aspiration in pursuing a PhD: My aspirations in pursuing my PH.D are to become a research scientist investigating novel routes for targeting cancer and delivering novel therapeutic treatments.

Fun Fact/experience: A fun fact about me is that as a kid I was jumping on my bed, fell off, and broke my head (cracked my skull) like the nursery rhyme

Hobbies/activities: I like to binge watch TV shows, workout, and play sports with friends!