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Spring 2023 Bi-Weekly Forum Schedule 

Hybrid: Room 1810 Litton Reaves Room 1810                              Zoom linkhttps://virginiatech.zoom.us/j/5402316797


January 18-23 | 2023 MLK events at Virginia Tech of relevance to the PREP/IMSD/MAPRS “family”:
January 19 - “A Conversation with Ruth E. Carter”, by Ruth Carter 6 – 7:30 PM @ The Anne and Ellen Fife Theatre in the Street and Davis Performance Hall at the Moss Arts Center FREE TICKETS.
January 20 - 12th Annual MLK Seminar :”Living, Learning, & Adaptive Landscapes: How Evolutionary Biology Can Help us Navigate it All”, by Dr. C. Brandon Ogbunu, Assistant Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Yale University. 12 PM @ Steger Hall Auditorium
January 23 | Kandace Donaldson (IMSD10 Scholar, Dr. De Vita): Ph.D. candidate, Biomedical Engineering – PhD. Dissertation Defense. Location: Kelly Hall 310, 12 PM.
January 25  | Hajar Chokhmane (IMSD Undergrad, Dr. Behkam): Research Progress Update Community Discussion – IMSD and PREP Programs/ MAPRS@VT Planning
February 8 |VT PREP20 “2023 PREP Palooza1”: TED-Talk like research presentations by PREP scholars in our 20th Cohort” (15 min res talks): Hallie Frances Avalos (Dr. Bryan Hsu), Matthew Silva (Dr. Lee Cooper/Jungmeen Kim-Spoon)
February 22 | VT PREP20: “2023 PREP Palooza2”: TED-Talk like research presentations by PREP scholars in our 20th Cohort” (15 min res talks): Amber Amaral-Torres (Dr. Amy Pruden)
March 4 – March 12: SPRING BREAK 
March 15  | Matthew Flores (IMSD Scholar, Dr. Popham): Ph.D. Candidate at Virginia Tech – Research Progress Update IMSD14 Research Progress Update: Mychala Snead (Dr. Lisa Belden), Asia Dofat (Dr. Matt Howe)
March 22 | VT PREP20 “2023 PREP Palooza3”: TED-Talk like research presentations by PREP scholars in our 20th Cohort” (15 min res talks): Carter Palen (Dr. Daniel Slade)
MAPRS@VT 2023 – Discussion and planning
March 29 | IMSD14 Research Progress Update: Jeffrey Anderson (Dr. Jake Sacho, Dr. Ignacio Moore), Anyelina Mangru (Dr. Brian D. Badgley), Julio Arroyo (Dr. Rafael Davalos)
April 13 (Thursday) | Alyssa Debra (IMSD Alum, Dr. Sriranganathan): MD-Ph.D. trainee, University of Illinois Medical School – Alum Dissertation Research Update 
April 26 Faith Carter (PREP Alum, Dr. Pickrell): Ph.D. candidate, Cornell University - Alum Dissertation Research Update
Morgan Patrick (PREP Alum, Julia Basso): Ph.D. trainee, SON, (Jarome), Virginia Tech – Alum Research Update
May 3rd – 4 th  | MAPRS@VT 2023: The Inn at Virginia Tech