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Updates on Current scholars: Papers published


Ariel Leon (IMSD 7) 

Incomplete host immunity and the evolution of virulence in an emergent wildlife pathogen. Science, 359 (6379), 1030-1033.

Differing house finch cytokine expression responses to original and evolved isolates of Mycoplasma gallisepticum. Frontiers in Immunology, 9, 13.


Ashley Peralta (IMSD 7)

Discovery of a Branched Peptide that Recognizes the Rev Response Element (RRE) RNA and Blocks HIV-1 Replication. J. Med. Chem., 2018, 61 (21), 9611-9620.


Trevin Glasgow
 (IMSD 8)

Travel mood scale: Development and validation of a survey to measure mood during transportation.Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour59, 318 329.


Jamea Kidrick (IMSD 9)
Localization of cells expressing SGLT1 mRNA in the yolk sac and small intestine of broilers. Poultry Science, 2018.


Brittany Boribong
 (IMSD 8)

Modeling the Bistable Dynamics of the Innate Immune System. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology


IMSD Scholar Tatiana Garcia-Meza

Tatiana Garcia - Meza
 (IMSD 9)

Executive function mediates the associations between toddler negative affectivity and early academic achievement. Early Education and Development, 29, 641-654.