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Mentoring Workshop

As usual, Mr. John Massey hosted our annual mentoring workshop. Our guest speakers were two IMSD/PREP alums, Dr. Nikki Lewis and Ms Shavonn Whiten. 
Below is some of the advice from them:

"When networking with others, make sure you maintain communication/relationship with them" When Ms Shavonnn was a Carver scholar, she hosted Dr. Holland whom she has maintened communication with to this day. "A good relationship starts with communication, if you don't ask the hard questions  you will pay for it later." -Ms Shavonn Whiten

" Mentoring requires patience, practice and time...the type of mentor you surround yourself with is the type of mentor you become." -Dr. Nikki Lewis 

"Mentor: someone whose hindsight can become your foresight"- Unknown

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