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Robert Bass' Holiday celebration Poem


At last 2017 Holiday CelebrationRobert Bass ( PhD candidate, ALCE, Carver Scholar) performed a song and peom.



Below is his poem, titled PSA:

This is a public service announcement:

Our country’s leadership doesn’t think twice

about what’s even important.

Not even an ounce of it.

Just take a look around, how many faces do you see?

As colorblind as many think they are,

There’s still a big difference to me.

THIS JUST IN: Our story for today.

Another black child shot down, because the color of their skin, got in the way.

Yet, protection is meant for the one who fired the round.

Never taking notice of who hired the clown.

People say education is the ammo, yet too few choose, to critically pull the trigger.

We can’t concern ourselves with monotonous trials.

Without looking at what’s bigger.

We find ourselves so engrained in what we want for ourselves

We may in-turn neglect what’s rightfully OURS.

I’m no coward nor anyone’s fool.

I can’t neglect the path of these shoes.

As much as we want to deny it,  

there’s some things, we can’t choose.

Win or lose, the war will continue.

It’s time academics embedded itself within real world venues.

Diversifying our reaches, from sector to sector.

A community is only as strong as its ability to come together.

To weather the paint that covers our eyes, closes our hearts and taints our minds.

It’s so much more than just being kind.

It’s an everlasting attraction to God’s divine design.

Nothing, is meant to be as simple as it seems.

With knowledge comes great responsibility.

Our cause is so much greater than merely chasing dreams.

We are meant to be an example,

So much more, and nothing less.

So what legacy will you leave,

that sets YOU apart from the rest?